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Jiangsu QiSheng Cable Co., Ltd.Jiangsu QiSheng Cable Co., Ltd.Jiangsu QiSheng Cable Co., Ltd.Jiangsu QiSheng Cable Co., Ltd.Jiangsu QiSheng Cable Co., Ltd.
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Fire resistant control cable

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: Product parameters: Rated voltage 1 KV                                     Number of cores 2400 Nominal section 240 mm2                            Section size 24 mm Fitting model 25                                         Number of stages 1 Current carrying capacity 500 A Product Details: Plastic insulated control cable: Scope of application: This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 450/750V and below, control circuit, monitoring circuit and protection circuit use characteristics; 1, the conductor long-term allowable working temperature is 2 minimum bending radius: 3, no armored cable, 4, should not be less than 6 times the cable diameter. 5, armored or copper belt screen structure of the cable, should not be less than 12 times the cable diameter. 6,The flexible cable with shielding structure shall not be less than 6 times of the outer diameter of the cable.  7, Model and name: KVV copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cable. Fire-resistant wire and cable one. Product Standards Enterprise standards, this standard is equivalent to using GB12666.6B-90 two. use This product is suitable for AC rated voltage of 1-10KV plastic insulated power cable, 450/750V plastic insulated control cable, 450/750V and below electrical equipment wire and cable used in any place, especially high temperature, flammable, requiring fire-resistant each Transmission-distribution, control, alarm and fire protection systems. three. Use characteristics    1, the rated voltage according to different product varieties can be divided into: 0.6/1-8.7/10KV 450/750v 350/500V 300/300V 2. The long-term allowable working temperature of conductors can be divided into: 70°, 90°, 105°, 3, the shortest (5s) conductor maximum allowable temperature is not more than 160 ° and 250 ° 4. The ambient temperature during cable laying should not be lower than 0°. 5, the cable allows the minimum bending radius according to different product varieties are: 6 times, 10 times, 12 times, 15 times the cable diameter. 6, cable flammability a. At a flame temperature of 750-800°C, the cable can operate normally for not less than 90 minutes. b. The measured ampacity of the cable in the a-environment shall not be lower than the ampacity value under the normal cable operating conditions specified by the corresponding model. 7. Other electrical and physical-mechanical properties of the cable are higher than those of the corresponding ordinary cable.

Power monitoring line signal line

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: Origin: Yangzhou   Whether imported: No Brand: SHUAHE Model: RVVP2*0.3 Sheath Material: PVC Core material: bare copper wire core number: 2 Processing customization: yes Material shape: Round wire Tensile strength: 1000 Maximum wire diameter: 6.2 (mm) Insulation Thickness: 0.5 (mm) Product Certification: CCC Sheath Thickness: 0.6 (mm) Scope of application: Building automation monitoring system, anti-theft alarm system, fire protection system, three-meter self-copy system, communication, audio, audio system, instrumentation, electronic equipment and automatic equipment. Section: 0.3 rated voltage: 300/300V Length per roll: 200 Color: Black Cross-border supply: No Power monitoring line signal line pure copper wire cable soft shielding line RVVP2 core 0.3 square product description: New material sheath, tensile and sun protection. Oxygen-free copper core, anti-oxidation, low attenuation! With an oxygen-free copper core, the resistance is very low, the transmission is stable, and the resistance is within 10 ohms. Number of meters: word code 200M Colour: Black Scope of application: industrial / household. Core material: 99.99% oxygen-free pure copper Rated voltage: 300/500V For outdoor use, waterproof and sunscreen effect is very good, anti-tensile, sunscreen resistance and anti-aging.  

Cables for electrical equipment

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: product description Cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable has excellent thermal-mechanical properties, excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance, but also has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, laying without restrictions, etc. It is widely used in urban power grids and mines. And the factory's novel cable. Insulation-crosslinking polyethylene is a cross-linked polyethylene that converts linear molecular structure polyethylene into a three-dimensional network structure using chemical and physical methods, thereby greatly improving the thermomechanical properties of polyethylene, thereby maintaining Excellent electrical performance. The maximum rated operating temperature of the conductors of cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables is 90°C, which is higher than that of PVC insulated and polyethylene insulated cables, so the cable's current carrying capacity is further improved. Use characteristics Operating temperature: conductor maximum rated operating temperature 90 °C Conductor short-circuit temperature: The maximum temperature must not exceed 250°C and the maximum time should not exceed 5 seconds. Installation and installation temperature: cable installation temperature not lower than 0°C Laying in air: ambient temperature 40°C Laying in soil: Ambient temperature 25°C It can be laid in indoor and outdoor, tunnels, cable trenches, concrete pipelines and loose soil. The cable can not withstand the mechanical external force, and can withstand a certain traction.Thank you for your adoption!

AVPV mining signal cable

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: Product detailed information   AVPV installation line AVPV Installation Line Flame Retardant Cable for Coal Mines (abbreviated as Mining Cable) Implements the People's Republic of China Coal Industry Standard MT818-1999 This standard was issued by the State Coal Industry Bureau. Fire-retardant cables for coal mines include 3.3KV or lower shearer flexible cables, 1.14KV Shearer Shielded Monitoring Reinforced Flexible Cables, 3.3KV or less Shearer Metal Shielded Flexible Cables, 1.14KV or Less Moving Flexible Cables, 6KV Shielding Monitoring type flexible cables, shielded flexible cables of 6KV or less, 0.5KV drill cables for coal mines, mobile light flexible cables for coal mines, and other types of wire and cable suitable for use in underground coal mine equipment. 1. Name: Fire-resistant control cable 2. Use of fire-resistant control cables: Fire-resistant cables are widely used in places such as high-rise buildings, underground railways, underground streets, large-scale power stations and important industrial and mining enterprises in areas related to fire safety and fire-fighting rescue, such as fire-fighting equipment and emergency lights. Lines and control lines. 3. Fire-resistant control cable is a cable that can keep running safely for a certain period of time under the condition of flame combustion. China's national standard GB12666.6 (equivalent to IEC331) will be fire test A, B two levels, A-class flame temperature 950 ~ 1000 °C, continuous fire time 90min, B-class flame temperature 750 ~ 800 °C, continuous fire time 90 Min. During the entire test period, the test specimen shall withstand the rated voltage of the product. Fire-resistant cables are widely used in places such as high-rise buildings, underground railways, underground streets, large-scale power stations and important industrial and mining enterprises in areas related to fire safety and fire-fighting rescue, such as fire-fighting equipment and emergency lights and other emergency facilities such as power supply lines and control lines. 4, Model: NH-KVV, NH-KVV22, NH-KVVP, NH-KVVRP, NH-KYJV, NH-KYJV22, NH-KJYVP 2. Use of fire-resistant control cables: Fire-resistant cables are widely used in places such as high-rise buildings, underground railways, underground streets, large-scale power stations and important industrial and mining enterprises in areas related to fire safety and fire-fighting rescue, such as fire-fighting equipment and emergency lights. Lines and control lines. 3. Fire-resistant control cable is a cable that can keep running safely for a certain period of time under the condition of flame combustion.

Soft sheath control line

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description:  AVVR20*0.3 Origin : China                                            Whether imported : no                                       Brand : SHUAIHE     Type : AVVR20*0.2                                  Customerization : yes                                           Core number : 20       Core sheath material : PVC                         Material shape :  round cable                                 Max. OD : 9.2(mm)        Insulation thick : 0.9(mm)                      Certify : CCC                                                       Core material : oxygen free copper    Conductor number each core : 12              Nominal section : 0.2(mm)                                Colour : black    Roll length : meters Comments Advantages: national standard quality, quality assurance, excellent performance, 100% new material, 100% pure anoxic copper, 100% enough meters. Disadvantages: the wire is made of pure anoxic copper. It`s a little heavy and expensive. Summary: the first choice for the engineers, no worries for after sales, convenient construction, the workmanship level of this line exceeds other common sheath lines. If you've ever bought a similar product before, there's no comparison to our Qisheng cables at all. Selling point: this wire material market is very chaotic, various length specifications, various wire core, material, virtual label, they are exaggerated parameters. As a professional, the choice of this wire is a head of fog, making people feel dazzling. As a matter of fact, the cost performance of wire is the most important, the company will never use copper aluminum as the whole copper, the company will not be careless on the materials. Our Commitment is: 100% full meters, 100% oxygen free copper and 30 years of service life. Product description: RVV series, copper core, PVC insulated, PVC sheath, soft cable for installation. Execution standard: this product has 2 cores to 5 cores according to GB/T5023.5-2016, 6 core to 30 cores according to GB/ T8734.3-2016 · Rated voltage: 300/500v Application: power lines, control wires and signal wires for household electric appliances, small electric tools, instruments, instrument and automatic devices. Product features: 1. High purity OFC anoxic copper is adopted, which is not easy to be oxidized, efficient transmission and low loss; 2.Adopt environment-friendly plastic (polyvinyl chloride PVC) material, protective sleeve and insulating layer have better anti-acid and alkali, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, moisture-proof, mould-proof and other properties. 3.Using the national standard thickness, easy to cut and easy to peel; 4.Flexible wire, small bending radius and convenient construction; 5.Accurate measurement, the use of the inkjet printer printing, line body to the end of the printed meter mark, full meter number, safe, reliable and more convenient!

Twisted pair communication cable

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: The twisted and shielded cables` effect and their choice method: First: the twisted pair, RVSP also called RVVSP RVVPS twisted cables structure:  insulated PVC, PVC sheath and twisted cable, they are suitable for common data transmission. The transmission distance is close, and its insulated voltage is only dozens of MΩ and its price is the lowest of the twisted pair. The twisted RVSP is suitable in the equipment of power, daily electric appliance, instrument, telecommunication device, lighting lines and fixed installation of automatic device, soft line is used in connection and installation, electric lines applies to the strong Interference situation, the company can manufacture special cables according to different environment, the products are antiflaming(ZR), strong antiflaming(GZR)  temperature proof(90℃.105℃.200℃.250℃) , fire proof(NH), twisted type(YJ). Application environment of the twisted pair: 1.Working temperature: the common type not over 70℃, 105 type not over 105℃. 2.minimum environment temperature: fixed laying is -40℃, non-fixed laying is -15℃. 3.The rated voltage is U0/U 450/750V.  4.The minimum bend radius of non-armor cable is not less than six times of cable`s OD, the minimum bend radius of the armor cables shall not less than 12 times of the cable`s OD. The combination type of the twisted pair is:  R-soft structure cable, V-PVC, S-twisted type, P-copper wire twisted RVSP also called RVVSP RVVPS and its specification is as follows: rated voltage is 300/500V 1-60 core, 0.08-2.5MM2  Technical parameter is the PVC is not allowed to work under 70℃, the laying temperature of cables shall not below 0℃, the cables which OD is less than 25mm is allowed to be bended. The radius of PVC shall not less than 4 times of cable`s OD, the cables which OD is more than 25mm is allowed to be bended and its radius shall not less than six times of the cable`s OD. The second type is RYVPS structure, the insulted PVC cables, PVC sheath, twisted shield cables are applied to the common transmission, the transmission distance of the cables is relatively far, and its insulted voltage is superior than RVSP which can reach to 3,000 MΩ or even thousands of MΩ.

Elevator accompanying network cable

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: TVVB-G Elevator cable plus steel wire, Elevator net cable parameters Type: high temperature cable                                       Purpose: Motor cable                                           Certify: CCC Insulted material: PVC                                                  Conductor: tinned copper                                    Conductor material: copper Brand: SHUAIHE                                                         Type: TVVB                                                        Package: PE membrane Spec.: 4X2X7/0.2                                                        OD: 24*10                                                        Capacity: 200000 Details of TVVB-G Elevator cable plus steel wire, Elevator net cable what is the elevator net cable? Elevator cable is used in the elevator monitoring which is a new type of cable, the cable uses twisted-pair cables for signal transmission carrier, the core uses special material for bending, make the conductor bending fold performance to achieve optimal levels; The outer sheath applies special elastic rope to make the cable's fatigue resistance excellent. The particularity of cable`s movement up and down characteristics must be taken into account in the application of the elevator, the messenger flat composite elevator cables will twisted-pair cable, power cord, cable and steel strand composite together to make a flat ribbon cable [TVVB(2G)+STP]so that the whole line applied for by the steel wire to withstand, tensile strength to be good, not because in elevator running due to gravity and the signal cable pulled apart or cause drag mark. Compared with the traditional coaxial cable, this technology is more and more obvious.  Product characteristics: 1.The cable is convenient and the cable is used for high efficiency. There are four pairs of double stranded wires in the super five net cables, which can transmit 4 video signals at the same time. Or 3 video signals and 1 channel control signal, and the network cable is better than the coaxial cable; 2.High flexibility and bending resistance, special bending materials are used to make the bending performance of the core wire to the optimum level; 3.Transmission distance, good transmission effect, differential transmission anti-interference ability; 4.Price discount --- the network cable can transmit multiple signals at the same time, the economic users can calculate according to the specific situation; 5.Use safety, tensile, long life - to meet the tensile strength of high strength galvanized double wire to ensure the service life and safety of the cable; 6.Wear resistance, weather resistance, fatigue resistance, aging resistance and tear resistance - the special properties of special elastic cable for the use of special elastic cable. [elevator network] physical characteristics. temperature range:  moving installation:-20℃~+70℃                                fixed installation:-30℃~+70℃ fire test:  VDE 0472 804 part B type test and IEC 332-1  

Shielded flexible wire

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: English name, Farrow Cable RVVP. 3-core shielded cable RVVP3*1.0: Rated voltage: 300V/500V Conductor: stranded copper conductor Insulation: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compound. Shield: Tinned copper wire braided shield, braided density is greater than the black core white number, can contain yellow green ground. Number of cores: 2-24 cores. Cross-sectional area: 0.5-25mm2. Name: RVVP Cable, RVVP Cable, RVVP Cable, RVVP Cable, RVVP Cable, RVVP Cable, RVVP Cable, RVVP Cable, Test Voltage: 2000V, 5min. Insulation resistance: >20M ohms*KM. Operating temperature (fixed installation): -30~ +70°C. Operating temperature (mobile installation): -5~ +70°C. Bend radius: 15 x cable outer diameter.Flame retardant properties: IEC 60 332.1. Applications: RVVP cables are more electromagnetically compatible than RVV cables due to the use of steel braided shields. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for installation sites where the electromagnetic environment is relatively poor and installation distance is small. RVVP cable products can be installed in bridges and hoses for indoor installation. Folding cable introduction 1, RVVP implementation of standards JB/T8734.5-2012 2, PVC insulation 3, PVC sheath 4, the conductor is a multi-core annealing bare copper stranded 5, two cores above the core stranded cable 6, after the cable shielded aluminum foil 7, tinned copper wire braided screen 8, the rated voltage of 300/300V 9, the normal working temperature does not exceed 70 °C 10, product CCC certification

Optical fiber jumper cable

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: Control shielded cable KVVP2*2.5 Applications KVVP flame-retardant copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed kvvp cable 450/750 V, 4-37 core, 0.75-10 cross-section, laying in the room, cable trenches, pipelines and other requirements of shielding fixed occasions Product introduction: 1. the power frequency rated voltage Uo / U is 450/750V. The 2. The maximum allowable working temperature of the cable conductor is 70°C. The 3. The ambient temperature during cable laying should not be lower than 0°C. If the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C, the cable should be preheated. The 4. The cable's recommended allowable bending radius is as follows: 5. no armored cable, should not be less than 6 times the cable diameter; 6. armored or copper shielded cable, should not be less than 12 times the cable diameter; 7. shielded flexible cable, should not be less than 6 times the cable diameter

Low-smoke halogen-free cable

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: WDZN-RYY2*1.0 Low-smoke halogen-free environmentally friendly fire-resistant fire-resistant wire   Low-smoke and halogen-free minimum cross section can be 0.5 square, and the maximum outer diameter is no more than 16mm Technical Parameters: Voltage 450/750V Test voltage 2000V/5min(AC) Small bending radius Fixed laying 10x cable outer diameter temperature range Fixing temperature -300C<700C Oil resistance: anti-ordinary Flame Retardant Characteristics: Flame Retardant Conductor: multi-strand fine twisted oxygen-free copper wire finely twisted into bundles Insulation: core insulation low smoke halogen free PVC Core marking: color core below five cores, black and white number above six cores Outer Sheath: Low Smoke Halogen Free PVC Outer colors: various colors (special specifications / color and more complex applications can be developed and customized according to requirements) 1. Nuclear power plants, metro stations and airports 2, telephone exchanges and computer control center 3. High-rise buildings, hotels and radio and television stations 4. Important military facilities and oil platforms 5. Hospitals, schools, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. Low-smoke halogen-free cable main features: (1) The tensile strength is higher than that of general PVC wires: the tensile strength of general PVC wires is greater than 1.05Kgf/mm2, and the tensile strength of low-smoke halogen-free wires is greater than 1.2Kgf/mm2; (2) Good weather resistance (-30°C~105°C); (3) Good softness (hardness 80-90); (4) Non-removable (because no plasticizer is added to this product formula, it will not have shape shift); (5) Do not produce toxic black smoke when burning (it will produce a small amount of white smoke); (6) has a high volume resistivity: PVC wire is generally 1012 ~ 1015Ω/cm3, low-smoke halogen-free wire is greater than 1016Ω/cm3; (7) It has good high-voltage characteristics: PVC wire is generally more than 10KV, and low-smoke halogen-free wire is more than 15KV; (8) Has good elasticity and tackiness.

Polyethylene insulated cold-resistant cable

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: Cold-resistant cable wire DHBV parameter  description   Whether spot:no                                              Certify:CCC                                         Brand:SHUAIHE Customizedprocessed:yes                                   Core material:blank copper line              Core number:2---108 Sheath  material:Special mixture                          Maximum OD:customizedpr                   Sheath thickness:customizedpr Nominal section:customizedpr                             Certify:CE                                           Type:DHBV Spec.:customizedp                                           Trademark:SHUAIHE   The cold-resistance performance of the cable made of sheathed rubber produced by Qisheng Cable (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. passed the ultra-low temperature impact and extremely low temperature bending test specified in the UL44 standard, and the flame retardant performance passed the bundled combustion test. Compared with the prior art, the mechanical properties of the sheath rubber produced by the company are not only higher than ordinary rubber, but also have the characteristics of low temperature resistance and medium resistance, and extend the service life of the cable under low temperature and oil conditions. The cold-resistant cable is professionally developed, with high quality and safety. The wire is used in specific environments, such as ice storage, northern (-40°C~80°C) plastics are not prone to cracks and maintain soft performance. The wire is made of imported copper. The product`s plastic is safe.   Usage characteristics 1. Long-term permissible operating temperature of the cable conductor: 1.1 Polyvinyl chloride- or polyethylene-insulated cold-resistant cable: The maximum permissible operating temperature of the cable conductor is 70 °C. The maximum temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 160 °C in the event of a short circuit (maximum duration not exceeding 5 s). 1.2 Cross-linked polyethylene insulated cold-resistant cables: The long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable conductor is 90 °C. The maximum temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 250°C during a short circuit (maximum duration of not more than 5 s). 2. The minimum cold temperature of the cable is -60 °C; the temperature of the cable can be used in the outdoor environment for long-term operation is -60 °C ~ +40 °C. Allow the cables to be connected to and disassembled from the electrical equipment unit under the appropriate cold temperature rating. When wiring and disconnecting, slowly bend the cable. The bend radius is 5 times the cable diameter. There should be no impact on the cable during operation. 

Towed chain twisted pair shielded

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: High flexible power special power line  twisted pair shield bending power supply towline cable Origin: Yangzhou whether imported: No  Brand: SHUAIHE  Model: Towed chain twisted pair shielded wire core material: bare copper core number: multi-core sheath material: mixed PVC  wire maximum outer diameter: 7.8 (mm) sheath thickness: 1.0 (mm) Nominal cross section: 0.2mm2(24AWG)(mm2) Product certification: CCC Length: (can be customized) Custom processing: yes Temperature range: -40°C--+105°C Minimum bending radius: 60 Whether for foreign trade: No  color: Green  Length per roll: 100 meters   1. Oil resistant, flex resistant, abrasion resistant, waterproof, UV resistant, for fast moving applications.  2. Tinned copper shielding layer, strong anti-interference ability 3. The outer skin material is imported with high elastic material (butyl nitrile rubber and polyurethane, oil resistant and not to be hard) 4. High and low temperature resistance. Product parameters Rated voltage: 0.5 or less 300/300V, 0.5 or more 300/500V Test voltage: 0.5 or less 2000V, 0.5 or more 2500V Operating temperature: mobile installation: -10 ° C to 90 ° C  

Multi-core shielded high soft towline cable

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: TL towline cable   Highly flexible special cable   resistant to oil and abrasion   Place of Origin:China Whether Imported: No Material shape: Round wire Brand :SHUAHE  Model: UL20276-26/4C Processing Customization: No Number of cores: 3/10/0.08TS Sheath material: PVC Scope -40 to 80°C Wire Maximum OD:5.6 (mm) Insulation Thickness:0.5 (mm) Color: Black Product Certification:UL Certification and ROHS Environmental Certification stock Number: UL202760907 Rated Temperature:80 Degrees Core material:bare copper wire sheath thickness:1.2mm Whether for foreign trade:No Length per roll: 100M/R Whether cross-border supply:no Applicable objects: inner usage of electrical equipment Nominal cross section: 0.15 1, the conductor uses a number of environmentally friendly fine copper wire AS stranded and high elastic cotton line filling 2. Insulation material: heat-resistant PVC 3, rated voltage: 600V 4, it is acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, moisture, mildew, super soft, bending resistance, and it is easy to peel and cut. 5, burning test: it can pass UL VW-1 and FT1, vertical flame test   Usage Description: Generally used in high-speed operation of electrical equipment, and mechanical equipment power cable   Product parameters: Brand: SHUAIHE Name: Multi-core shielded high soft towline cable Conductor material: ultra-fine copper wire stranding Skin material: environmentally friendly PVC Sheath: Mixed PVC material (-30 degrees Celsius, -150 degrees Celsius) Product material: tidal bare copper wire, multi-strand fine stranded bundle, PVC core wire insulation, black core wire connection and white number code.   Multi-core shielded high soft towline cable

Polyurethane flexible towline cable

Product Description: PUR flexible cable flame retardant environmental protection bending PUR towline cable polyurethane flexible towline cable   Place of origin:Yangzhou Whether imported: No  Brand: SHUAIHE Model: YY-FD Core number: 50 Sheath material: PVC TPU TPE Max. OD:40 (mm) Insulation Thickness: 2-5 (mm) Nominal Section: 1.0-16 (mm) Usage environment: Special environment Core material: Bare copper wire Cross-border supply: No Product Applications The flexible shielded control PUR cable is used for electrical connection installation in industrial automation, electromechanical equipment and other control systems. The PUR outer jacket makes this cable suitable for use in harsh industrial environments and corrosive coolants and lubricants. It has excellent oil resistance, abrasion resistance, antimicrobial resistance, hydrolysis resistance, chemical resistance and cable protection. Not subject to mechanical stress damage. The tinned copper braided shield makes the cable have strong resistance to external electromagnetic interference and ensures the stability of the cable system.     product structure Conductor: Multiple strands of stranded bare copper wire, in accordance with VDE0295, Category 5 conductor. Insulation: Special halogen-free mixed materials. Core wire: core wire twisted composite cable, the core color is in accordance with VDE 0293. JZ    black core white digital code with yellow-green wire. JB    color core wire with yellow-green wire. OZ    black core white digital code without yellow-green wire. OB    color core wire without yellow-green wire. Inner sheath: special halogen-free mixed material (optional). Shield: tinned copper braided shield, greater than 85%. Outer Sheath: Special halogen-free mixed material. Outer Sheath Color: Gray (RAL 7001) Product Features Working voltage: 300/500V. Test voltage: 1500V. Insulation resistance: ≥20MΩ/km (20°C). Minimum bend radius: Mobile mounting: approx. 20x D (outer cable diameter).

Flexible high temperature towline cable

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: TRVV high flexible cable signal line   Flexible high temperature towline cable   High temperature towline cable TRVVP  8*0.5 Place of origin:Yangzhou Whether imported: No Brand: SHUAIHE Model: TRV/TRVV/TRVVP/TRVVSP Number of cores: 1 to 48 Sheath material: High elastomer PVC and nitrile mixture/TPE/PUR Material shape: Round wire Tensile strength: 250 Maximum wire diameter: 80 (mm) Insulation Thickness: 0.6 (mm) Processing Customization: Yes Product Certification: CCC The towline cables produced by our company are mainly used in: industrial electronic systems, automatic generation lines, storage equipment, robots, fire protection systems, cranes, CNC machine tools and metallurgical industries. In the case where the equipment unit needs to move back and forth, in order to prevent the cable from being entangled, worn, pulled off, hung and scattered, the cable is often placed in the cable drag chain to protect the cable, and the cable can also move back and forth with the drag chain. A highly flexible special cable that can be moved back and forth along the towline without being worn out is called a towline cable, which is also commonly referred to as a tow cable, a tank chain cable.

Fire resistant twisted pair

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Product Description: Fire-retardant fire-resistant twisted pair NH-RVS2*1.0 NH stands for fire-resistant RVS stands for twisted-pair cord (wire copper core is composed of multiple strands, commonly known as cord; B denotes wire copper core as single strand, commonly known as hard line) 2X1, which means two 1mm2 cables, and one refers to copper The cross-sectional area of the core product properties: Inner conductor: O.F.C bare copper wire (BC) Insulation: PE foam Outer conductor (shielding): braided O.F.C bare aluminum/bare copper wire (HUO) 96 series (BC) Sheath: White PVC For the video field, communication systems and signal control systems. For CATV network trunks, branch lines, computers, video surveillance lines, conference video and other electronic circuit erection, engineering decoration signal transmission, audio and video equipment connection, video signal transmission, etc., in the operating frequency of 10MHz system, the maximum transmission distance is 250 Meter, low attenuation, high fidelity signal. Low transmission loss, working frequency bandwidth; light weight, easy to install and install; excellent electrical performance, stable, reliable; long service life, good moisture resistance.

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Power cables are an important part of the maintenance of power plants and substations. The wide distribution of cables in power plants and substations, the flammability of cables, the stringiness of cable fires, and the severity of the consequences of cable fires have caused the fire protection of cables to receive high attention from the power sector, fire department, and other agencies. There are multiple cable fire incidents and it is necessary to discuss the fire safety measures of the cable. 1. Use methods such as sealing, blocking, and separating to ensure that a single cable fire does not extend to multiple cables. The cable enters the cable trenches, cable tunnels, and cable trays; the cable outlets must be tightly sealed to prevent the ignition of a single cable or a small number of cables and ignite a large number of cables. Between the power cable and the control cable, there shall be fireproof partitions, etc. The control cables shall be fireproofed or flame retardant cables used to ensure that the main equipment can be safely stopped in any emergency. 2. The tightness and thickness of the fireproof plug must be guaranteed. Fire doors should be automatically closed after a fire. 3. The fire blocking layer must have sufficient mechanical strength. Because the cable catches fire, especially the electrical short circuit occurs, it will cause the rapid expansion of the air and produce a certain amount of impulse, destroy the fireproof plugging layer with low mechanical strength, and make the fireproof plugging stop working.

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